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Photo by Amanda Charchian

Anouska Beckwith is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Somerset, UK.


Born in England, she spent her early years traveling. Driven by her search for the mystical and a desire to capture the wonder she experienced along the way, her camera was never far from hand. After graduating from Speos Photographic Institute in Paris 2012, Beckwith went on to form the female collective of artists World Wide Women.


Expressing herself through photography, art and film; nature and the feminine are enduring themes while Beckwith's work inspires a romantic and otherworldly feel.

The power of nature and the feminine are often present throughout Beckwith’s work, manifesting in photographs which communicate a world of dramatic beauty, the ethereal and recall the paintings of the Romantics and early Surrealist photography. Aesthetically, Beckwith's photographs celebrate the seductive power of nature and the exquisite possibilities of photography, however her work also carries deeper undertones exploring the human relationship to the cosmos.

While themes of reincarnation and natural change are omnipresent factors behind Beckwith’s work, in terms of her materiality she often pushes the boundaries of photographic convention: painting into, embroidering, over exposing and reworking her images for a dreamlike effect. Natural materials come in to play in her series with Flo Morrissey, with gold leaf and delicate butterfly wings are added to the face of the photograph - the chrysalis a renowned emblem for transformation. Beckwith’s muses emerge, like her, as spiritual young women with striking pre-Raphaelite composures, often appearing to meld with their organic environments.

Beckwith’s work is wholly influenced by her own appreciation for the natural world, which she cites as “miraculous yet terrifying” in its power to create disaster; describing her own artistic thought process as “swinging like a pendulum from the positive left to the right, where I consider where the world is going and death is present.” However, in this darkness lies the possibility for illumination through nature, for each one of us to reconnect with the planet, and to make sacrifices to preserve this.


Awarded with honours for Catcher in the Rye by the alumni of Speos Photographic Institute in 2012/2013, Beckwith’s recent exhibitions have included What's Up at Soho Revue, London, Erotica Exhibition at The Little Shop, Paris and Art District Gallery at Le Royal Monceau, Paris in 2016. Exhibitions in 2015 comprised Female Matters and Metamorphosis in London, and Transcendence solo show at Three Squares Studio, New York. Uni-Verse solo show was exhibited at Palm Tree Gallery in September 2016. In 2014 Beckwith curated and exhibited Ritual at London’s Grace Belgravia and Cob Gallery, and held group exhibitions across the UK, France, USA and Switzerland throughout 2012 and 2013.


Beckwith has been featured in: Italian Vogue, Wonderland Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine, ID, Aesthetica Magazine, Vogue (UK), So It Goes Magazine, Town & Country, Harper’s Bazaar (Brazil, England), Elle Magazine (UK), Marie Claire, Luxx Magazine, Tatler, Huffington Post, Palace Costes Magazine, The Untitled Magazine, Creators Connect, After Nyne, The Cutlure Trip, Refinery 29 & Science Occultes.




  • At The Altar Of Time - Solo Show, Fitzrovia Chapel - London, UK (NOVEMBER)

  • Girls! Girls! Girls! - The Little Black Gallery (JUNE-AUGUST)

  • Wisdom and Nature - Le Ciel Fondation & Christie's (London)


  • Girls! Girls! Girls! - The Little Black Gallery & Paddle 8

  • Wisdom and Nature - Le Ciel Fondation & Christie's (New York)


  • Nature and Spirit - Sabina Estates, Ibiza, Spain


  • After Eden - Herrick Gallery - London, UK

  • Showcase - The Palm Tree Gallery for Affordable Art Fair- London, UK


  • War In Heaven - Serena Morton Gallery at Saatchi Gallery ( Start Art Fair) , London, UK

  • Of Water & Earth,  Masterpiece - London, UK

  • Bluebird - Lady Garden Exhibition - London, UK

  • Do Not Be Lonely -  Etautz Group Show - London, UK

  • Songs To The Goddess Group Show - Serena Morton Gallery - London, UK



  • Uni~Verse Exhibition - Solo Show, Palm Tree Gallery - London, UK

  • What's Up - Soho Revue - London, UK

  • Erotica Exhibition - The Little Shop - Paris, France

  • Art District Gallery - Le Royal Monceau -  Paris, France




  • Female Matters, Group Show, Box Studio - Shoreditch, UK

  • Transcendence, Solo Show, Three Squares Studio - New York, USA

  • Ritual Exhibition, Grace Belgravia - London UK

  • Metamorphosis, Suitcase Magazine Concept - London, UK




  • Ritual Exhibition, The Cob Gallery - London, UK

  • Eternity in the Garden of Sacrifice, Women of the World festival - London, UK




  • Awake My Soul, Mavi Concept - Gstaad, Switzerland




  • Awake My Soul, AIPAD - Ny, USA

  • Awake My Soul , The Space - Paris, France

  • A Wanderer's Eye, World Wide Women Exhibition - Paris, France

  • Catcher in the rye, Speos Alumni - Paris, France

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